Trong lúc làm đồ án về Vấn nạn săn bắt hổ, mình vô tình khám phá được bộ ảnh này.

Tatlong Litrato

Photos from the Tiger Temple, a sanctuary for tigers in Thailand. Some of the favourite photos that I’ve taken

“Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, or the Tiger Temple, is a Theravada Buddhist forest temple in western Thailand. It is a sanctuary for numerous animals, including several tame tigers. The tigers walk around freely once a day and can be petted by visitors. The Tiger Temple is located in the Saiyok district of the Kanchanaburi province, not far from the border with Myanmar, along the 323 highway” (source)

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A monk trying to get the tiger cub to come back down

Tiger cub doesn’t want to come down so he just casually traipses on the ledge right in front of my lens

I hope you enjoyed the tigers, I surely did




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